MD/PhD (MSTP), University of California, Irvine. August 2017-Present.

MA in English, Azusa Pacific University. 2017. GPA: 3.97.                                                        Thesis: “The Poetics of Memory: Literature, Imagination, and Alzheimer’s Disease”. Advisor: Emily Griesinger, Professor of English.

BS in Biology (Molecular Emphasis), Azusa Pacific University. Minors in English Literature and Spanish, Honors Program. Summa Cum Laude. 2015. GPA: 3.99.

Study Abroad, Oxford University, New College. Epigenetics, English Literature, 19th Century British History. 2013.


Journal Articles

O’Dell, Sarah. “Robert E. Havard: The Medical Inkling.” Catholic Medical Quarterly. 69.1 (2019): 16-17.

O'Dell, Sarah. "Robert E. Havard: A Closer Look at the "Medical Inkling"." Mythlore 36.1 (2017): 195-200.

Olcina, M.M., S. O'Dell, and E. Hammond, “Targeting chromatin to improve radiation response”. British Journal of Radiology 88. 1047 (2015): 20140649.

Book Reviews

O’Dell, Sarah. Review of Emily Dickinson’s Rich Conversation: Poetry, Philosophy, Science, by Richard E. Brantley. Christianity and Literature. 67.3 (2018): 586 – 589.

O'Dell, Sarah. Review of Mysterious Medicine: The Doctor-Scientist Tales of Hawthorne and Poe, by L. Kerr Dunn. Postgraduate Journal of Medical Humanities 4.1 (2017): 134-137.

O’Dell, Sarah. Review of Ill Composed: Sickness, Gender, and Belief in Early Modern England, by Olivia Weisser. BMJ Medical Humanities (Online Blog). 28 March 2017.


O’Dell S. (2018). The (Revised) Clinical Imagination: An Unpublished “Appendix” to The Problem of Pain. Paper presented at the 11th Biennial Lewis and Friends Colloquium; Upland, Indiana.

O’Dell S. (2017). Between the Borderlands of Life and Death: The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar. Paper presented at the Western Regional Conference of The Conference on Christianity and Literature; San Diego, CA.

 O’Dell S. (2016). Alzheimer’s Disease: Historical, Scientific, and Literary Perspectives. Invited Talk, Azusa Pacific University Department of Biology and Chemistry; Azusa, CA.


Graduate Research Assistant at Azusa Pacific, Department of English. (Contact: Emily Griesinger, Ph.D.) Azusa, California.  2016 – 2017. 

Undergraduate Researcher at Azusa Pacific University, Department of Biology and Chemistry. (Contact: Jon Milhon, Ph.D). Azusa, California. 2012- 2015.

Clinical Research Intern at Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare. (Contact: Sheila Rosenberg, Ph.D.). Pomona, California. 2016-2017.  

Intern Research Assistant at City of Hope Beckman Research Institute, Department of Molecular Medicine (Contact: John Termini, Ph.D.). Duarte, California. 2015-2017.

Participant in the College Qualified Leaders Program at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Department of Wound Infection. (Contact: Daniel Zurawski, Ph.D.). Silver Spring, Maryland. 2015.

Volunteer Research Assistant at Target Discovery Institute. Oxford, England. October – December 2013. 


Leadership and Employment

Supplemental Instruction Leader, Cell Biology. APU. (Paid) January 2014- December 2014.

Provided three hours of additional lecture per week and facilitated group learning. Mentored and taught students within a classroom environment.

Medical Missions Action Team Leader. APU. Ecuador, January/May-June 2014.

Coordinated trip preparation and team training, in addition to facilitating group fundraising prior to the trip. Provided leadership on-site. Coordinated and directed Mobile Clinics in the Ecuadorian countryside.

Teaching Assistant for Cell Biology Course. APU. (Paid) September 2014-December 2014.

Teaching Assistant for Honors Colloquia Course. APU. (Paid) September 2015 – May 2016.



2018, Recipient of Medical Humanities Research Stipend,  UC Medical Humanities Consortium. 

2015, B.S. awarded Summa Cum Laude, Azusa Pacific University.

2015, Recipient of the Azusa Pacific University Outstanding Senior Award in Biology.

2015, Recipient of the Azusa Pacific University Gerald Wilson Award.

2014, Recipient of Robert and Roberta Wright Science Scholarship.

2011, Recipient of La Verne Rotary Foundation Scholarship.